1000 Visitors Every Day And Adsense Verified

Making money through internet marketing is indeed an efficient way to cover the costs of a small website and also earn bigger profits at the same time. But usually there are several reasons website owners don't want to put Adsense there, namely because:

No control over ads

Of the big negative aspects of Adsense, the one that most people don't like is the fact that Adsense often displays advertisements that are not related to their web content.

Most website users don't use them because they can't control other ads that appear on the website, and these can be very annoying.

These ads interfere with the functionality of their site

This can cause website visitors to run away and not want to come back. And such predictions are enough for them not to install Google Adsense

Adsense gives the impression of a lack of sincerity

Yes, there are people who don't want to advertise at all because it makes their website run for money, and it goes against their original vision when they created the site.

But that's the reason why there are people who don't want to install Google Adsense on their website. But if you don't mind these things, then you can still make money with Google Adsense.