Koramil 1002-08/Labuan Amas Utara (LAU) Pioneers River Cleaning in Binjai Pirua

BARABAI-TNI-Polri from Koramil 1002-08/North Labuan Amas (LAU) and Kasarangan Police together with the community carried out river cleaning community service activities in Binjai Pirua Village, North Labuan Amas District, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, on Wednesday (10/07) .

"This morning we carried out river cleaning/normalization in Perawahan together with the National Police and the community as an effort to prevent flooding," said Danramil 1002-08/North Labuan Amas (LAU) Captain Inf Rudi Hartono.

"We cleaned the river flow from wild grass and water hyacinth together with the community, even though we had to go down to the river, we were still happy and cheerful," he said.

"The community's response to this activity was also very good, as evidenced by the large number of Binjai Pirua residents who took part in the river cleaning activity," he said.
"This is clear proof that the presence of the TNI-AD in society is always warmly welcomed," he added.
Meanwhile, the Head of Binjai Pirua Village, Barahim expressed his thanks to the TNI-Polri and appreciated the implementation of community service to clean the river from rubbish.

"It turns out that the TNI-Polri really care about farmers, hopefully this program will continue because it has a positive impact on agriculture and society," he said.